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Garden Makeovers

Transform Your Neglected Garden with a Richard Forbes Gardening Makeover


It takes no time at all for a garden to become overgrown and unmanageable. It can be very hard to get it back under control again if trees are too large, hedges too bulky, shrubs too straggly, beds too weedy and lawns too mossy.

Whether you want to makeover your neglected garden for a house sale, a wedding or simply to get it back under control, at Richard Forbes Gardening we can transform it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our makeover services include:

  • Tidying up and presenting for sale
  • Weeding and pruning
  • Feeding and seedling removal
  • Mulching for soil improvements and a uniform look
  • Planting suggestions
  • Plant purchasing from local nurseries
  • Pruning small tress and hedges
  • Mowing lawns and clipping edges

If you want your garden to have the wow factor – call Richard at Richard Forbes Gardening and he’ll come take a look and give you a no-obligation quote.