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Roses & Fruit Tree Pruning

Prune Roses and Fruit Trees at the Right Time for Better Flowers and Fruit

Rose pruning terrifies some people. We understand! They can be a bit tricky to get right if you don’t have the knowledge or experience. And badly pruned roses can mean a poor flowering season, poorly shaped bushes and unhappy plants.

Don’t neglect your roses! Have them pruned at the right time of year – winter! Don’t wait until spring when new growth appears because by then it is too late!

Climbing roses need renovating every few years to keep them healthy, happy and under control.

Rose pruning is a Richard Forbes Gardening specialty, and for some garden enthusiasts it is all we do. Just remember to call us in winter for best results.



Looking After Your Fruit Trees

If you are fortunate to have a home orchard, you’ll know fruit trees need their share of attention if you want luscious, large, perfect fruit. From fruit thinning and summer pruning (especially plums) to feeding and mulching, we can take care of all your fruit trees’ needs.

Talk to us at Richard Forbes Gardening for all your rose and fruit tree needs.